If Only: Inspirational Quote 5.12.16


If Only 

If only… The question that we face in our time of sorrow,
So much life now gone, with no time to borrow

If only… The hollow words replay throughout our every thought
No child should pass and leave us in this hell where we’re now caught

If only… The wretched emptiness could just be filled
And we could once again begin the life we started to build

If only… We could move on from the brutal pain
For caught in this darkness, we are no longer sane

If only… Two little words… with such deep meaning now
Our children have passed and left us questioning how

If only… Such pain and sorrow did not exist
And we did not have to deal with the tears we now resist

If only… There was a way to go back and change the past
For now we bear this burden of the child-loss mask

If only… The world knew what we deal with every day
Or there were words enough to make it all ok

If only… We knew how to move on with a simple real smile
Without the fear that tragedy will strike again at any given mile

If only… The words that echo in our hearts now, every single day
As we pull ourselves together and we try to find our way

If only… We didn’t have to carry this heavy feeling of loneliness and sudden tears,
And had the strength to live each day without the constant worry and the fears…

If only…

by Heather Grein

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