I Have A New Companion: AfterTalk Inspirational 5.24.18

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I Have A New Companion

By Peggy Amler

I have a new companion.

It is my grief.

My companion is no longer within me.

It used to define my affect, and effect my every perception of the world.

My companion is now next to me, accompanying me on my journey through life.

It is with me wherever I go.

It is with me while I live my life alone.

It is with me when I do my errands, and when I return home.

It is with me when I am with family and friends.

My companion no longer cries with its gut wrenching, soulful, woeful voice.

It is quieter, still present, and now uses a softer voice.

There, like a familiar companion, with me.


It no longer haunts.

It no longer causes excruciating pain.

It no longer renders me incapable of living my life.

It is just with me.

Quietly present.

Ever present.

I am mindful of it in the mundane day-to-day living when I feel my aloneness.

I am mindful of it in the darkness and quiet of the night when I am awake and feeling my aloneness.

My companion… no longer steals my laughter, and no longer deters me from moving forward.

My companion enables me to hold onto the past while I live in the present.

My grief.

My new companion.

I have a new companion.

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1 thought on “I Have A New Companion: AfterTalk Inspirational 5.24.18”

  1. Kimberly Gordon

    I love the poem, “I have a new Companion”. It really expresses what it is like to carry grief with you day after day. Thank you Peggy for your beautiful and inspired writing.

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