Grieving the Loss of a Pet: A Poem by Jim Monroe

[LARRY: Poet and lyricist Jim Monroe shares with us a poem about the passing of a beloved dog. In my sixty-five years on earth I’ve had six of my dogs pass on. I remember each so vividly, especially the last, my beautiful Siberian Husky named Trixie who died recently at 16. I cannot think her name without getting tearful.]

Little Friend

How could what was such a small pup
Have lived a life so large
The gentle pup that always made us smile
Never wanted more than for us to stop and play a while

They slowly lick and nose their way
Into our busy hearts
A warm cuddle, a wagging tail
The squeaky toy, the welcome barksBiscuit_4
As long as your excitement didn’t wane
Puppy stayed to entertain
In exchange for a tummy rub
We were granted unconditional love

In time the friend we let
Come share our home
Gracefully grew tired and weak
And, oh so reluctantly, moved on

Just as every flake of snow is unique
And there’s a heaven up above
A good dog’s life is significantly shorter
Because they give us seven times more love

Believe our best friend hated to leave
But sensed we’d be strong
Till meeting again
Not goodbye- just farewell and so long

©2014 Jim Monroe


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