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TalkBack–The Power of Connection: AfterTalk Pandemic Weekly

by Jessica Williams Grieving comes easily for no one. And yet, it is something every person on this earth will experience in one way or another. For grief, loss, the deep painful feeling of emptiness, is born of the lack of the only other thing that all of us share – connection. Of course, we

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“We’re All Anxious Sweetie.” AfterTalk Pandemic Weekly 6.17.20

“We’re All Anxious, Sweetie.” The sign said, “Keep your windows rolled up. Pull up slowly to the first table, put your car in park, and wait for instructions.” A masked and energetic man came to the driver’s side of my car and held a printed sign up to my window which read: “Please call me

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When Grief and Coronavirus Collide: AfterTalk Pandemic Weekly 6.10.20

When Grief and Coronavirus Collide BY MARY JANE HURLEY BRANT When Grief and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) collide, we feel like we’ll collapse. The Coronavirus is not only serious, it’s a pandemic. Like grief, COVID-19 is powerful, persistent and painful; it makes us fearful. Grief has already made us more vulnerable so this is a rough combination.

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