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Are You There? AfterTalk Inspirational 11.9.17

Are You There? by Stephanie J. DeMartino Hello, are you there? How am I supposed to look forward to each day? How am I supposed to live and be happy? You’re not here with me The pain of losing you still hurts too much since you’ve been gone I can’t shake it no matter what

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Katie Couric’s AfterTalk Inspirational 9.14.17

Katie Couric on Death and Dishonesty KATIE COURIC: In six hours my life went from complete contentment to complete chaos. And that period of hearing, refusing to accept, accepting, you know, preparing, you know the grief started there. Katie Couric has lived in the public eye since 1991, when she began co-hosting the Today Show

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Processing Grief: Helpful Links

These links come from our friends at Public Health Corps. This is from their mission statement: “At its core, our mission is simple: Putting the public back into public health. Public health is only effective if the public can actually access and discern what information is reliable.  But given how much information and how many ‘sources’

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