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Inspirational Quote 2.26.15 Song of Grieving and Loss

I recently found myself humming this iconic song. Written in 1938 for Broadway, it became an anthem of separation during World War II. In thinking over the lyrics I realized that it could be a song of grieving and loss. For far too many who didn’t come back from “over there,” it was, unfortunately, a song

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Children Loved and Lost: Your Light Shines Forever

Every year on the second Sunday in December  people all over the world will burn a candle in memory of there child whom left this Earth. Many candles will be lit and tears will be shed. This tradition was started in 1997 by the The Compassionate Friends. Dedicated to all children loved and lost, this

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Songs About Grief and Loss: Death of a Spouse

Songs About Grief and Loss: Death of a Spouse Goodbye my lover James Blunt Stop all the Clocks Nemo Shaw Yesterday The Beatles Memories Barbra Streisand The way we were Barbra Streisand I will always love you Whitney Houston Nothing compares to you Sinead O’Connor Because you loved me Celine Dion The Last Waltz Engelbert

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