Caitlin Dorman

Caitlin Dorman is a junior at Brown University. She grew up in New York City, and currently lives there with her mother and younger sister. Caitlin's main interests at school are writing for the campus' student run blog and taking classes that knock your socks off. She's not nervous about finding a job after graduation, because she knows she can always fall back on a career as a stand-up comedian.

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“my dad died…”

To reiterate an exhausted and lackluster explanation, 5 years ago (January 29th), my dad died. The anniversary slumbers in the back of my consciousness, ready at any moment to sabotage a perfectly normal conversation. “Hey Caitlin, what movie should I watch?” “Kill Bill” “How’d you decide so quickly?” “It was the last movie I watched …

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Grieving for my Father: a Daughter’s reflections

I have two really bad months in the year. January marks the anniversary of the decline of my father’s treatment for colon cancer, and his consequent death. There are a couple of days in January when grieving for my father makes it hard to get out of bed, because the sheer memory of grief weighs me down. …

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