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The Grief Narrative: My Sob Story

Dear Larry,  Sorry it took so long to write this, but I think finally realized the true point of AfterTalk.  I can’t quite describe it, but writing this post brought me to a place I had always been afraid to go, to thoughts that I didn’t want to confess to even the abyss of my

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Goodbye, Dear Friend

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Renowned writer Catherine Whitney has given us permission to share with you an Private Conversation she wrote to her deceased friend Lynn. It is not only deeply moving, but also a great example of how AfterTalk members can use this site to help process their grief]. Dear Lynn,             When I stormed into

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RIP, Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of our great actors/directors. Thank you for your great body of work.

[EDITOR: The following was written by AfterTalk co-founder Lisa Bogatin] It was 1 a.m in our quiet residential neighbor near the Hudson River, a neighborhood where many movies and commercials are shot, whether we like it or not. It must have around the end September and my husband was walking our new puppy. He saw lots of lights and

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