Finding Hope in Hopelessness: Inspirational Quote 11.3.16

Finding Hope in Hopelessness

[Editor: usually, our Inspirational Quotes are from people who have experienced a death. In this case, Peta Murchinson’s story is about “pre-grieving” the anticipated death of her daughter. We believe she has much to say to the Grief and Bereavement Community.

About this video:

We like to think that we are one in a million, but what happens when that’s exactly the news that you don’t want to hear? Peta’s extraordinary story and that of her family is one that is desperately sad, but it has forced her to connect with others in ways she could never have expected.

Peta Murchison is a mother dedicated to raising awareness for Batten Disease – a rare degenerative genetic disease that affects otherwise healthy children who can sing, dance and bounce. From a young age affected kids start to lose their ability to walk, talk, see and smile. There is no cure for children affected and it will eventually take their lives. Awareness and research into this rare disease is imperative to find a cure.


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  1. Coming to terms with the eventual death of a loved one is an overwhelming task. It is an unwelcomed assignment for millions. When facing a disease that there is no cure for or when medical science has done all they can do, it does feel hopeless. As I come to terms with my grief I also hold on to hope in a promise that is recorded for us in the Bible at Isaiah 33:24 a time when “no resident will say, I am sick”. Mankind will no longer be under the threat of death because the last enemy, death, will be brought to nothing, 1 Corinthians 15:26. This hope continues to sustain my family and I. Reflecting on a time when humankind will not die anymore and we will have the joyous occasion to welcome back our loved ones to life on earth via the resurrection that is promised for us at John 5:28,29. We can have complete confidence that these events will take place because God, who cannot lie, has promised them (Titus 1:2), so trusting in man has it limits because mankind is limited but God Almighty is unlimited (Luke 18:27).

    I share this hope because it fortifies and comforts me. It gives me a hope I can trust in when faced with a hopeless situation due to the limitations of mankind.

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