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Widow and Widower find love in a year…

Jessica Crisman and Ryan Ronne were both experiencing the darkest moments of their lives in the summer of 2010. Jessica’s husband of 10 years, Jason Crisman, took his final breath after battling an aggressive brain tumor for 10 years in Grand Rapids, Michigan leaving behind his wife and four children under the age of seven.

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Love, Loss and What Comes Next: AfterTalk Inspirational 6.1.17

Love, Loss and What Comes Next   “Table for Three” By Philip Galanes, May 13, 2017 The New York Times “When I meet a woman wearing a ring on a chain around her neck, I know immediately: member of the club,” Sheryl Sandberg said. “I never noticed before.” That club in question would be the unenviable

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A Widow Discusses the Loss of a Loved One: part 1

[Editor: Today’s column was written by  a widow. This is Part 1. We will publish Part 2 tomorrow] It is very difficult to come up with appropriate words of consolation and support to soften the pain felt after the loss of a loved one. Most of what well-meaning people often express is usually received as

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AfterTalk Live New Show: Sex after the Death of a Spouse

AfterTalk is now talking to you on BlogTalkRadio.com. The second episode went live today. The first topic is: Sex After the Death of a Spouse If you’d like to listen in, CLICK HERE

An Unlikely Couple: Grieving and Dating: A Strategy for the Widow and Widower

Before we get into where to find prospective companions and strategies for dating, let’s pause for a minute and discuss the use of AfterTalk’s Private Conversations during this time in your life. Dating after the death of a loved one is a reaffirmation of how much they really meant to you. It says that you

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