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Inspirational Quote 2.19.15: If I die before you

Promissory Note by Galway Kinnell If I die before you which is all but certain then in the moment before you will see me become someone dead in a transformation as quick as a shooting star’s I will cross over into you and ask you to carry not only your own memories but mine too

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Valentine’s Day: Healing through Writing Letters

[Editor’s Note: I was going to write the perfect post for Valentine’s day when my colleague Lisa alerted me to this post from the remarkable website entitled “Dear Love: Healing through Writing Letters.” It could not be said any better. Thank you Eleanor for giving us permission to reprint it here.] Dear Love: Healing Through

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Inspirational Quote of the Week, 10/30/14 Grief Poem

#112 A Grief Poem She walks in beauty, like the night I stole these words from Byron, and spoke them sotto voce when She walked through the door and across the room and into my soul until Death do us in.   And Death done so, taking Her from me too soon in the fecund

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