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If you are grieving, read our timely blogs on how to get support during the grieving process through friends, family, counseling, and professional help.

Dealing with Grief? How to Find Professional Help: Psychologists and other Grief Therapists

If you have recently lost a love one and are coping with grief, there are many sites that help you find psychologists. I suggest you start with the American Psychological Association locator at:  If you want to look at a broader range of providers including social workers and therapists, you might also check out

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Dealing with Grief? How to Find Professional Help: Psychiatrists

When I told somebody I was writing this article, they asked me this question: isn’t your website,, a form of grief therapy? The answer is yes, it is, but it’s not a cure-all. We believe AfterTalk can help you process your grief in several ways that are beneficial, but many of you could benefit

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