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Children and Grief: Informative articles on how to help a child cope with the grieving process.

Discussing Death with Children: AfterTalk Inspirational: 5.17.18

You can’t watch cable TV and not know about Mesothelioma, a cancer linked to asbestos. Since it is 91% fatal, the people at Mesothelioma Center know their way around grieving. Their guide “Coping with the Loss of a Loved One to Mesothelioma,” is an excellent tool for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved

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As Long As You Remember: AfterTalk Inspirational 5.25.17

As Long as You Remember He said sadly, I have a hole in my heart I said, I know He said, It feels like a piece of me is missing I said, Me too He said, She’ll never get to know my daughter See her grow up like she did with yours I said, She

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How to Build Resilient Kids, Even After a Loss

Sheryl Sandberg: How to Build Resilient Kids, Even After a Loss After my husband’s death, I set out to learn everything I could about how kids persevere through adversity.  Two years ago, in an instant, everything changed for my family and me. While my husband, Dave, and I were on vacation, he died suddenly from a

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My dad just recently passed: Inspirational Quote 12.29.16

My dad just recently passed away this month very close to Christmas, he and I never had the perfect relationship growing up but within the last few years we had started to develop some progress in fixing our relationship, especially since he found out he has his first grandchild on the way. The loss of

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Father’s Passing: returning to Sloan-Kettering

A Father’s passing: returning  to Sloan-Kettering Last weekend, I walked into the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center on the Upper East Side of New York City. At the lobby, a security guard asked if I knew where I was going. I said that I was visiting someone. I took an escalator, and then an elevator. The

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