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Informative and helpful tips on how to deal with grief during the holidays.

Grieving and Mother’s Day

  [Editor: this was posted last Mother’s Day. Thought it was worth repeating] This Sunday will be the first Mother’s Day since my mom passed away eight weeks ago. It’s given me pause for reflection.  I had the good fortune to know two great-grandmothers, two grandmothers, two mothers-in-law (one still living) and, of course, my own

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Valentine’s Day: Healing through Writing Letters

[Editor’s Note: I was going to write the perfect post for Valentine’s day when my colleague Lisa alerted me to this post from the remarkable website entitled “Dear Love: Healing through Writing Letters.” It could not be said any better. Thank you Eleanor for giving us permission to reprint it here.] Dear Love: Healing Through

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Other Voices about Grieving during Holidays

In case you are tired of hearing from me about grieving during  holidays, or about my experiences surrounding my first wife’s passing, I found some other voices you might want to listen to. Jamie Greenbaum writes most eloquently about her husband’s death from cancer. This article appears in the Huffington Post’s website and discusses her

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Grieving? Getting Through the Holidays

Getting Through the Holidays When our loved one dies, we grieve not only for that individual, but also for the life we used to have, the love that special someone gave us and all the memorable times we spent together. Perhaps there is no time of the year when we’re more aware of the empty

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